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  • Where are Sensata devices?
  • Automobiles » Up to 50 sensors and switches
  • Mobile phone systems » 300 or more circuit breakers, sensors and switches
  • RVs and Large Boats » Up to 60 power inverters, sensors and protection devices
  • Large HVAC systems » Dozens of sensors and switches
  • Homes » 30 or more sensors, switches and other safety devices
  • Construction vehicles » 5 to 10 sensors, switches and circuit breakers
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems » Electrical Protection & Fault Detection
  • Commercial jets » Up to 1,500 circuit breakers and switches
  • Semiconductors » Burn-in and thermal solutions for millions of devices
  • Industrial Sensors » Pressure and temperature solutions
  • Plus many other applications » Helping make the world safer, cleaner and more energy effecient
Mission-critical sensors & electrical protection helping to make the world safer, cleaner and more energy efficient

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Sensor Nite
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Sensors / Improve performance, safety and efficiency

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pic Airflow Sensors pic Pressure Sensors
pic Analytical Sensors pic Temperature Sensors

Power Inverters / Off-grid power for sophisticated electronics

pic DC to AC Power Inverters & Battery Chargers

Semiconductors / Burn-in test sockets

pic Burn-in Test Sockets

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// 1,000,000,000 devices shipped each year // 191,000 different product configurations // 400 unique product families
// 6 brand names we own, manufacture and sell under: Sensata, Airpax, Klixon, Dimensions, Qinex, Sensor-NITE